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Mar 5, 2007

Homily by Fr. George Haspedis from the Second Sunday of Lent - Year C, March 04, 2007.

  • Scripture for the Second Sunday of Lent - Year C:
  • Podsafe music by Amy Moe of
  • Transformed by the Power of God in His Word - Fr. George Haspedis
    • Preparation
      1. Possess a decent, authentic and useable Bible
      2. At all times, treat this book with personal respect and show reverence in reading the text
    • Create a conversation with God
      1. Prepare your life by getting rid of self-centered distractions
      2. Listen with an open mind and heart -- pause, but no personal agenda, e.g. "my" answers -- "solutions"
    • Participate in the conversation
      1. Discern what God is saying to your life -- "spiritual direction"
      2. Respond with honesty and willingness to grow
    • Conclusion
      1. Keep a journal of what you discover and how you plan to use it
      2. Close with prayer of thanksgiving and petition